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Monday, September 2, 2013


Our lazy days of summer (ie sleeping in until 9:30) are about to coming crashing to a brutal halt!  I always have good intentions of starting the routine a week early to get us used to getting up and going to bed earlier, but alas, that off button on the alarm, coupled with the knowing today is only practice is far too tempting.  Our only salvation will be that we are heading off for a last trip to one of our church conventions after only one day back and that will get us into a much earlier routine.  
Lemon Bundt Cake via Pinterest via Mommy I'm Hungry
Besides the sleeping in, we have had a fun, relaxing summer.  I've been doing a lot of baking to keep the hubby and my brother with plenty of snack foods.  We've had several versions of blueberry loaf or cake, but this loaf with a lemon frosting was a favourite.  Lots of blueberries, tangy lemon frosting, and moist cake made for a winner.

Another yummy treat were these peanut butter balls.  We especially liked the white chocolate dribbled on top.  I've actually made them twice this month, but the second time I tried it from memory and the consistency wasn't exactly the same as the first time.  The experience was fun for M&M who loved moulding the balls before we dipped them in chocolate.

Peanut Butter Balls via Pinterest via chikabaker
I've been  wanting to try these meatballs from Pinterest all summer.  The ingredients were a little out of the ordinary, but nothing hard to find and they definitely added extra flavour to our last batch of spaghetti from my canning last year.  The end of summer also heralds canning season, and spaghetti is next on my list.  (Peaches are today's job!)

Ricotta Cheese Meatballs via Pinterest via Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice (my link via pinterest appears dead, but I found the blog and recipe again through a simple Google search, so the CS&EN link I have posted here seems to still be working)
This was a quick project that I think adds simple curb appeal to the house, while making it easier for someone unfamiliar with our house to find there way to the address.  Plus my hubby was getting a bunch of stickers made up for his equipment so this got thrown in free!

Address via Pinterest via Etsy Shop (means you can get your own for only 12.99!!)
I've also been very excited to see our siding arrive and start to make its way onto the house...progress!  Back deck will be next!
One final project I undertook in the last few days was some sewing.  My sister-in-law noticed this cute chevron material when we were at Fabricland and I picked up a 16x30 rectangle for 2.50.  It turned into a matching tie and headband for Moose and M&M.  I've made the tie using this site before and loved that I could match Tommy to Emma perfectly.  The headband was also super easy with clear directions and lots pictures.  Style! 

(M&M looks a little grumpy because she had just discovered that one of the girls we go to church with was off to Toronto for school and she wouldn't be able to see her twice a week's only been coming all summer, but she just realized how permanent it was!  As for Moose...don't you love his rocking baseball shirt underneath?  He's worn it nonstop since I bought it.)

Headband via Pinterest via the Train to Crazy
Tie via Pinterest via Vanilla Joy