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Thursday, February 28, 2013

The shortest month of the year! Pinterest in Feb. part 2.

Thought I'd get the rest of our Pinterest content for February updated while we are all taking it easy for a couple of days.

We started off the month by making this bathtub paint for the kiddos. They enjoyed using it for the one night it lasted but the consistency is definitely different than the stuff I've bought before. That being said, this project was a whole lot cheaper too!

Bathtub paint via Rebekah's Pinterest via Team Dischinger

I love that you can pin your own photos to Pinterest too. So rather than searching through the 600 odd photos my phone will hold I can keep ideas and recipes that I'd like to try later in their own labeled folders. (Can't tell I love to organize much?). So my first Pinterest recipe I tried in February was actually a recipe I found in a magazine at the library.

Johnny cakes are described as an old fashioned, cornmeal version of a pancake. Very similar in texture and taste to cornbread, but fried over the stove in butter, not baked. It was a good recipe to try, but doubt I will make them again as cornbread is quicker.  I wasn't enjoying that yout have to stand over the stove flipping cakes as the fry when the oven accomplishes it all for you. We ate these with syrup, butter, and bacon, but they also accompanied chili quite well the following day.

Johnny cakes via Rebekah's Pinterest (but I deleted the pin because I won't be trying them again) via Canadian living.

You can find the table tent project here.

All our Valentine celebrations and projects are here!

Don't these roasted tomatoes took delicious? I used them in this recipe for a quick dish to share when we were invited to some friends house for dinner. I didn't have all the right cheeses so I used some monetary jack, and cheddar in place of the provolone. I also used mozzarella cheese sticks rather than grated mozzarella and it gave the dip a nice gooey texture because the cheese sticks don't completely melt. We accompanied the duo with taco chips and Club's butter crackers I brought back especially from the states. I voted for the crackers.

White Pizza via Rebekahs Pinterest via How Sweet it is

My sister-in-laws shower is approaching at the end of next month. Didn't the invitations turn out nice? I'd have liked a nice popping pregnant lady graphic but lacking the necessary design tools I went with a simple balloon instead. And the saying on the back was found on the Internet... But book lover that I am I just loved this idea that was brought forward by the expecting Mommy! Emma lived helping out the cards in the envelopes and I didn't have to do any of the sealing!

Our last recipe for the month was this delicious strawberry layer cake. Definitely check out this website. I love her picture of the inside of the cake. All those layers of strawberries and cheesecake frosting. Would be an awesome summer picnic dessert! I halved this recipe and divided my cake into three layers and it was more than enough for the eight we had at Sunday dinner. Brad and Emma took it all week in their lunches, too. My little mess maker cracked half the eggs on the counter but she loves to help so I have to try to be encouraging, which sometimes feels like a feat in itself.

Vanilla Cake with Strawberry Cream Frosting via Rebekah's Pinterest via Perry's Plate

We all survived another long, but short dark month and the sun only climbs from here so on to March we go! Or on to march we march!?

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