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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Summer Bucket List

Summer has arrived! And I already see how quick it is going to fly by with all our plans. Renos will take up a lot of our time, but with a few months stretched out in front of me I hope we can relax too! There are certainly plans for some of that...
Our family camping trip is planned for a week in July. Last year we rented a rather rustic cabin at Onaping Lake, but this year we are depending on Brad to find us a spot to park the trailer and rough it a bit more. Hoping for some good beach and fishing weather for that.
We also have to find some time for a visit to my sister and brother in Ohio before their lives go seperate ways. And Brad's sister in Belleville needs a visit to, since my work interfered with our last set of plans to get down there.
With all this stuff going on I started feeling like September and another school year was just around the corner. I have a semi-permanent job to return to for the first time this fall and Emma will be off to junior kindergarten. I wanted this summer to be a memorable one and happened to see a summer bucket list that caught my eye. We've decided to start our own tradition!
I included a few big ideas like an amusement park visit, voted for by both Emma and brad, and celebrating our eighth anniversary. Others are simple things that the kids love to do, but I never join in on. I thought why not have fun doing them once or twice together. So we included rock hunting and picking flowers as a fun family activity. A few of our clothespins ( I'll explain in a bit) are just plain fun, like making mud pies and eating dirt cake. A few are things we would already do, but will help is remember the summer better, like writing letters, laughing, and taking photos.
I painted a bucket I got from the dollar store, and wrote out each item on the list on a clothespin. Right now all the clothespins are attached to the top of the bucket, but as we check the item off our list, we will throw the clothespin inside our bucket. Pretty simple, but Emma was already jumping for joy at how fun the ideas sounded!
And tomorrow we are off to throw our first clothespin in the basket with a visit to my parents! I'll keep you posted as to how that and some of the others turn out!

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